November 12, 2009

The Covers of Frankenstein : Famous Monsters Fearbook 1971

Famous Monsters “Fearbooks” were all-reprint annuals, this one published between regular issues number 87 and 88, in the winter of 1971.

Gleefully hyperbolic cover blurbs were standard for Warren and Ackerman’s Famous Monsters, getting your fanboy heart racing as soon as you caught sight of an issue on the newsstand. Best Issue Ever was used often enough to become a sort of FM mantra. Variations included Most Exciting, Biggest, Special and Super-Special, the ever-popular Collector’s Edition, and an occasional Super Spooktacular!

The portrait of Christopher Lee from 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein was painted by the great Basil Gogos. The same character had previously appeared on a Warren magazine cover in a version executed by Russ Jones. Both covers featured the same solid, fire engine red background for the flayed-faced Monster.

Book: Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos.

The Covers of Frankenstein: Famous Monsters Strike Back!


Michael Jones said...

I assume you're familiar with the Hammer Horror Magazine covers (1 & 5 would interest you in particular.)

Mike Mitchell said...

Ironic...I was just flipping through this issue in my studio on Wednesday!

Christopher said...

I had this one..My ma eventually got a subscription by late '71 that lasted till 1974

cube said...

I always preferred Lee as Dracula instead of Frankenstein.


This alway struck as Christopher Lee after a really hair cut and shaving accident.Why can't Doctor Frankenstein make a good looking monster?