December 15, 2009

Young Frankenstein 35th Anniversary

Young Frankenstein celebrates its 35th anniversary today. The film was first released in North America on December 15, 1974.

Much like that other Frankenstein comedy, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), which became a literal template for monster movie comedies, Young Frankenstein was such an inspired spoof — and a worldwide box-office hit — that it triggered a slew of decidedly minor copies including at least one soft-core version, Frankenstein All’Italiana (1975), and an outright scene-for-scene clone, the notorious “Turkish Young Frankenstein”, Sevimli Frankestayn (1975).

Assembled in a color shot from the set of the black and white film: Director Mel Brooks, Peter Boyle in blue/green makeup, Marty ‘Eye-Gor’ Feldman, Gene Wilder (who wrote the film), and Terry ‘Inga” Garr.

Brooks adapted Young Frankenstein as a Broadway musical in 2007. The go-for-broke production played 14 tumultuous months, shutting down on January 4, 2009, its expensive trappings at odds with a collapsing economy. After some retooling, the show is now touring with its highly acclaimed original leads, Roger Bart as Dr. Fronkensteen, and Shuler Hensley as the tap-dancing Monster.

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Anonymous said...

There are some picturesfrom SEVIMLI FRANKENSTAYN at (scroll down) and at

Note that the Monster has no real makeup. The Universal-like image is actually Dr. Frankenstayn in a Don Post mask.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Mel Brooks has been so prolific that he's decidedly more miss than hit (imo)--however, the fact that he made YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and BLAZING SADDLES earns him a lifetime pass in my book. Brilliant stuff, and it just never stops being funny.