February 17, 2010

Frankenstein Art Zine

Actor/Heartthrob James Franco is monsterized by Tabor Robak on the cover of Frankenstein, an art zine designed and edited by Justin Bland.

Justin kindly wrote in to say that this very blog was “a huge source of inspiration” for his zine, which is described by Printed Matter as “(using) the clever juxtaposition of images found on the web to explore many of the symbols, archetypes, and themes related to the story of Frankenstein, such as S&M, mad scientists, and the creation of monsters.”

Celebrities glimpsed include Britney Spears, a flat-topped Grace Jones and an eerily masked Michael Jackson. Minimal text includes Mary Shelley’s description of the Monster coming awake, a definition of the Golem and a quote from AIDS 3D on the hubris/nemesis complex that applies perfectly to the Frankenstein theme.

The 44-page zine can be viewed online. A hard copy, all of $5, can be ordered through Printed Matter.

Justin Bland's website.


Dianna said...

It's basically impossible to un-beautify or to monsterize Mr. Franco. That man is amazingly handsome! Nice try tho!

Anonymous said...

I checked out that zine. It was less than impressive, sorry to say. Looked like a bad 5th grade project.

Evan.J.Peterson said...

If we take it in context as a postmodern (yeah, I said it) piss-take on celebrity, it was enjoyable. Considering how much he relies on other's words and original works of art, I wouldn't call it inspired but it definitely entertained me enough to consider buying a copy.

Oh, and it looks like you have a spam admirer.

Evan.J.Peterson said...

I enjoyed his take on Peter Pan a little more:


Pierre Fournier said...

No worries, Evan, spammer deleted.