March 31, 2010

Dick Briefer Frankenstein Sketch

Here’s an unusual find: A very different Frankenstein drawing by the great Dick Briefer (1915-1980).

Briefer, of course, is celebrated for his Frankenstein comics and the two opposite styles he brought to his characterizations. With Prize Comics, in 1940, Briefer introduced a horrific Frankenstein Monster with a split lip, a gruesome scar down the middle of his face and a murderous disposition. In 1945, Briefer redesigned his Frankenstein as a humorous character with a misplaced nose and a heart of gold.

The drawing above, date unknown, turned up at auction recently. It’s a relatively small piece, beautifully done in dry brush and gouache. If you look closely, you can see penciling around the neck bolts.

Considering the extreme interpretations of The Monster that Briefer is justifiably famous for, it’s fascinating to see his take on a straight-up, classic movie-style Frankenstein.

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A Stupid Ninja Cats Blog said...

Very cool sketch .

Wings said...


wich2 said...

Very reminiscent of the head on the classic 6 ft. back-of-the-comics poster.

rob! said...

Love it. Briefer's Frankenstein would've made a great model for a cartoon series.

Anonymous said...

Needs dentures.

matchooman said...

Maybe ya want to do a blog on my Monster Cafe? the only one left in the world. I heard Universal's has closed.

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Max the drunken severed head said...

A great find and thanks for sharing it here. The mummy-like mouth and skin and the almost-skeletal nose are straight outta the Shelley description, making this a nice blend of conceptions of The Monster.

Martin Powell said...