April 13, 2010

The Covers of Frankenstein : Marabout, 2009

Digital art, artist unidentified, graces the September 2009 edition of Frankenstein published by Marabout of France.

Now part of the Hachette group, Marabout was originally a Belgian imprint created by André Gérard who, inspired by the British Penguin books, introduced inexpensive paperback livres de poche (pocket books) to the French-speaking world in 1952.

Marabout’s Frankenstein, translated by Joe Ceurvorst, first appeared in 1964 and the title has been kept in print ever since, this being the eleventh edition. Past covers have featured painted art, and photographs from the Universal films.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula has also been a Marabout staple since the early Sixties, and its new, frosty white cover is clearly a companion piece to Frankenstein.


Anonymous said...

Holy crow, that's Boris! I mean obviously everyone knows his face as the Monster, but that's not even the make-up face, that looks like Boris himself... large deep-set eyes, huge eyebrows, heavy features, big nose... that artist just worked from a picture of Karloff and stuck some stitches around the nose. I'd bet money on it.

Pierre Fournier said...

Good call, teeny. That does, indeed, look like Boris' nose and bushy eyebrows!

Ed Ancelwood said...

sin lugar a dudas el artista se inspiró en el rostro de boris, pero como la nariz le quedó muy delicada la solucionó con la sutura de la misma.