April 20, 2010

Mike Mignola's Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride’s defiant hiss turns to screeching terror, her towering hairdo matching the flames around her, as the castle laboratory explodes, ignited by a spurned Mate-Never-To-Be. We belong dead!

The harrowing scene was captured by Mike Mignola for the Universal Monsters Illustrated collector’s card set published by Topps in 1994.
This excellent collection featured nine Universal classics illustrated by a who’s who of artists including Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Stelfreeze, Al Williamson, Dave Dorman, Todd MacFarlane, John Byrne and Basil Gogos. Mark Chiarello illustrated Frankenstein and Mignola drew, magnificently, the ten Bride of Frankenstein cards.

Mike Mignola launched a personal website this month, beautifully designed, as expected. The art gallery features a sketch study of Frankenstein’s Monster as only Mignola could imagine, complete with bolted nipples.
Thanks to John Rozum for the heads up.

The Art of Mike Mignola website
The Hellboy Zone at Dark Horse Comics

Mignola’s covers for The Frankenstein Dracula War.


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Mark Hodgson said...

That Mignola painting is superb - a moment in the film we don't see in close up and, of course, not in fiery colour.

Quite superb!

rob! said...

Great piece, although I would expect no less from Mignola.