June 4, 2010

Frankenstein Gets Relief

The Frankenstein Monster has been a reliable pitchman through the years, “scaring up” business for everything from candy and beer to shoe polish and condoms. In 2003, a very laid-back Monster pushed Osteo Bi-Flex, a pain relief supplement for arthritic, achy joints.

The TV ad featured a brief black and white lab scene in the traditional Universal style. The actor wearing the greenish makeup is David Combs.

With thanks to E. Francis Kohler

The Beer of Frankenstein
Frankenstein Sells Shinola


Michael Jones said...

That youtube links to a pretty funny battery commercial with "Howie" & the bride.

Christopher said...

Is that b&W footage from anything?..looks like the real stuff..
LOL..Tai Chi Franky

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Monster Cafe? Has some great stuff of Frankenstein...

Moodizzle said...

Osteo Bi-flex really filmed a commercial with an actor dressed as Frankenstein? That is awesome, but not as swesome as some of the make-up done on the actors in Fangoria’s frightfest.


Belle Dee said...

I remember seeing this commercial on TV ONCE, and I thought it was the coolest commercial ever.
This is the first time I've ever seen the print ad, thanks for sharing.

Bryan said...

When was the last time Hollywood did a decent Frankenstein film, or even a parody of that matter? The entertainment industry should move from Vampires & get on the Frankenstein train. Conan O'Brien has been the only with desire to use Frankenstein in a few bits on Late Night & The Tonight Show. I like how Frightfest has focused on pig monsters & more cannibal flicks. Some of the films are already arriving in 3 days at Blockbuster.