August 21, 2010

The Art of Frankenstein : Jason Edmiston


A spectacular painting by Jason Edmiston monster-mashes four classic monsters. Bold design and vibrant acrylic colors evoke vintage monster magazine covers and monster kit box art.

The Toronto-based artist regularly works genre characters and pop culture references into his work for a Who’s Who of commercial and editorial clients. The Mummy pitches Cadbury chocolate bars, The Creature from the Black Lagoon takes a bubble bath with his rubber ducky, The Birds meet the Twitter logo, King Kong and Godzilla share a soul kiss, and Hilary Clinton looms as the Amazing 50 Foot Woman. The Frankenstein Monster appears in a car ad, and joins his Universal Monster companions as cereal mascots.

Go marvel at Jason Edmiston’s fabulous art on his website, a portfolio site, and his deviantART page, with a step-by-step feature on his painting of a blogging King Kong.

The Monster Mash painting is available for purchase as a limited edition print from Edmiston’s Etsy page.

Here’s an interview with Edmiston on Creep Machine.

With thanks to Gary Pullin.


R.Sterling Carody said...

wow...just wow!
I want a Tshirt!

Emmy said...

That's really, really cool! How creative :)

karolina said...