August 18, 2010

Bad Dude Frankenstein

Artist Adam Sidwell is posting a new portrait every week in his yearlong 52 Bad Dudes project. Last January, this Frankenstein with an attitude kicked off the series.

Sidwell’s uncommon picks, done in a wide range of styles, include characters from the movies (No Country for Old Men, Fight Club, Terminator, Mad Max, Toy Story 3), television (Lost, Dexter), video games (Bioshock, Mass Effect) and real life (footballer Peyton Manning).

New art goes up every Friday, and prints are available for purchase.

52 Bad Dudes Tumblr.

Via The L Magazine

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Very creepy. I like how he created this picture using only grey and the negetive space of the background. That must have been difficult.