September 30, 2010

October is Book Month on Frankensteinia

The Monster puzzles over a book of fairy tales in Son of Frankenstein (1939).

Things are always busy around here at Halloweentime and this year is shaping up to be, well, insane. October, of course, is Countdown to Halloween month, the internet’s annual trick or treat marathon, instigated by John Rozum. If you click the pumpkin on my sidebar you’ll be taken to a list of over 100 participating blogs that will offer up a wealth of ghosties and ghoulies, and celebrate the frights and fun of Halloween.

Here on Frankensteinia, starting tomorrow and straight on to Halloween day, all of my posts will be devoted to Frankenstein-related books. I’ll be reviewing books new and old about Frankenstein and Mary Shelley, and looking at books that are sequels to or inspired by Frankenstein. I’ll also be featuring notable Frankenstein book covers and unusual Frankenstein book designs. The illustration above shows just some of the books on tap.

Let’s get literate. Join me, won’t you, for Book Month on Frankensteinia!


Caftan Woman said...

Raise a reader. Raise the dead. It's all the same in October.

Semetra Rhodes said...

I'll be lurking.

Emmy said...

I can't wait :)