October 31, 2010

Halloween, and other causes for celebration...

Las Vegas loves Halloween¨, announces this week’s issue of the Las Vegas free newspaper, Seven, featuring a green bodypaint Bride of Frankenstein in a mummy-bandage bikini. The model, Olivia Lakis, poses in makeup by Natasha Chamberlin, who also created the striking Day of the Dead Princess on the cover.

Of special interest — ahem! — the very blog you are reading gets singled out in Seven as a Site to See by journalist Geoff Carter! And a nice writeup it is, too. The whole issue is available online as a PDF file.

Frankensteinia also gets rated as an Internet Pick of the Week by Johnny Dee in the October 30th issue of the UK’s The Guardian! I couldn’t be prouder to get a mention in my favorite newspaper. And congratulations to friends and fellow bloggers Jeanette Laredo of Monster Land and Curt Purcell The Groovy Age of Horror for being listed as well!

Halloween time is always good for us horror bloggers and my hits were in record territory all month. A lot of credit for the traffic belongs to John Rozum, Head Pumpkin of the Countdown to Halloween event that saw an astounding 200+ blogs participating this year. Onward and Upwards, John!

I hope you enjoyed the Book Month event on Frankensteinia. A lucky thirteen books were covered here in October, with sincere thanks going out to guest bloggers Craig Yoe, The Vicar of VHS and Martin Powell for their excellent contributions.

I’ve got plans for more special events and I’m very excited about the posts I have lined up for the coming days and weeks of November. I’ve got a lot of Frankenstein art to gladden your eyeballs and some great “archeological” posts that will track Frankenstein through its earliest theatrical appearances, and even further back, all the way to Mary Shelley’s very inspiration for her masterpiece! I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Happy Halloween!


Caftan Woman said...

Congratulations on the well-deserved acclaim.

John Rozum said...

Congratulations, Pierre! You most certainly deserve the recognition. Thanks also for your literary treats all month long. I look forward to more of them. An. also thanks for all the visual stimuli at your companion site.

The countdown was a tremendous success this year, and leaves me with a lot of material to catch up with, so reading about Halloween will be an extended season for me. Don't forget Shawn Robare who not only designed and built the Countdown blog page, but puts in a tremendous effort with keeping my head above water in maintaining that list of contributors. I could not do it without him.