November 7, 2010

The Art of Frankenstein : Jason Krekel

Peter Cushing’s deadly serious Baron poses with his first creation, played by Christopher Lee, in linocut art, handprinted on a vintage press by North Carolina artist Jason Krekel. It’s one of several extremely affordable “Action Monster Prints” available through the artist’s Etsy shop.

Jason’s love of monsters spills into his other career as the multiple-instrument playing half of a highly original, upbeat, garage rockabilly duo with singer and electric ukulele player Ami Worthen. Known since 2004 as Mad Tea Party, Krekel and Worthen proudly hang on to their band name despite it having since been co-opted by the political extreme right.

MTP’s latest recording, a four-song horror-themed EP called Rock N Roll Ghoul features, among others, a song called Dr. Phibes and an exhilarating version of The Hollywood Flames’ Frankenstein’s Den. It’s available as a digital download or on vinyl, with an EC horror comic-inspired cover by Gus Cutty.

Explore The Mad Tea Party’s website for bios, background info, photos, and links to MTP videos.

Preview and download Rock N Roll Ghoul and other Mad Tea Party music.

See Jason Krekel’s Krekprints and a video demonstration of his lino art and printing process.

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Wonderful artwork!

And I must say; before I found this blog, I had no idea how wonderful the world of Frankenstein could be, or how expansive it was! You've opened my eyes to quite a bit of Frankenstein awesomeness :) Thank you!