November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Boris and Sara

Boris Karloff is treated to a birthday surprise on the set of Son of Frankenstein, November 23, 1938. Before the day was over, there would be another reason to celebrate as Boris’ daughter, Sara, was born.

Here’s to fond memories of Boris, and a Happy Birthday to Sara!

More pictures from Karloff’s 1938 Birthday party here and here.

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Blog Update

Posting has been sparse lately due to urgent, real/life obligations. I’ve got a lot of material lined up and some exciting posts that I can’t wait to get to, but my partial hiatus will have to run into December. See you then.



Emmy said...

Happy birthday, Boris! :D

wich2 said...

Pierre, whatever your need to be away stems from, I hope it goes well.


Bedrock Son said...

Hi!, I've always loved these old stories with Frankenstein, at the point that I even did myself, in France a personnal version of the original story, staring Karloff .
no problem with me if you want to show it on your blog. keep up the good work !