December 21, 2010

The Art of The Bride : Damian Fulton

A beach off an industrial wasteland. Night falls, lightning strikes at sea, and it’s surf’s up for a tattooed Frankie while his teenage Bride (note the ring), catching moonbeams, reads a cheap mag by the light of firebugs in a jar.

California-based artist Damian Fulton’s credits include stints in advertising, serving as Head of Creative Development for Marvel Comics, and directing TV commercials for high-end clients. As a painter, Fulton explores the imaginary Pacific Coast zone where sun and surf, pop culture and the cars and sprawl of Los Angeles meet.

The Frankenstein Monster pops up here and there in Fulton’s work adorning skateboards or riding his Frankenstein Flivver, but this oil painting, called The Bathers, is uniquely and spectacularly original.

Damian Fulton’s website and deviantART page.


Emmy said...

This is totally my favorite picture you've posted for Art of the Bride! I love how its totally mocking the beach scene; and the artist has managed to capture every little detail :P How cool! Thanks for posting!

Arbogast said...

I'm going to sit here until she takes her top off. I'm very patient.

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

OMG I love this!!

Also blogger award for you..