December 18, 2010

The Art of The Bride : Daniel Horne

The classic Bride, as played by Elsa Lanchester, comes to electric life in a luminous painting by Daniel Horne.

Horne is a multi-talented artist. As a painter, he has created some 400 book covers, he has illustrated children’s books, role-playing and card games, and his art graced the cover of the annual anthology of fantasy art, Spectrum. As a sculptor, Horne creates astonishing, one of a kind art dolls and unique monster masks.

Horne is a fan of classic movie monsters and, along the way, he has illustrated or sculpted all the great characters in the field, not the least of which is Frankenstein’s Monster in all its film versions, and related movie characters such as Colin Clive’s Frankenstein, Ernest Thesiger’s Pretorius and the Bride herself in glorious three dimensions.

Horne’s Bride painting is currently serving as the cover for the ever-excellent Monsters from the Vault magazine. It is also available as a very affordable print directly from the artist.

Daniel Horne’s website.


Sam Gilmore said...

That painting is beautiful!

Emmy said...

How wonderful! And such attention to details; I had forgotten that Lanchester was a red-head...

The Creeping Bride said...

I simply love Horne's cover painting for MFTV. The look in the eyes is incredible!