December 16, 2010

The Art of The Bride : Jared Moraitis

The Bride strikes a Janet Jackson pose in this wonderful illustration by Jared Moraitis.

Purposefully referencing the iconic Rolling Stone cover by photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the image was commissioned by Ben Scrivens of Fright Rags for use on a limited edition t-shirt — no longer available — in a special fund-raising case (details here) during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this past October. The piece is called We Belong Alive!.

Artist Moraitis has posted his sketches and color tests for the illustration here, along with one variant featuring the owner — Guess Who! — of those well-placed hands.


Her entire film career runs barely twelve minutes of screen time, yet The Bride is one of the best-known and most celebrated characters in film history. In this, her 75th anniversary year, The Bride continues to engage and inspire new generations of artists.

Starting here and now, and straight on to Christmas morning, I’ll be posting a new Bride of Frankenstein illustration every day. Ten artists, ten interpretations, ten unique visions of The Bride!

Happy Holidays!


Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

I have this shirt and absolutely adore it!

Wicked Halo said...

Cool, I've done a couple of posts on Bride related art as well, you might want to check them out!

Pop-Monkey said...

Wow, cool site! Thanks for posting this and pointing folks to my blog.

Belle Dee said...

This t-shirt art was very lovely indeed!

I'm looking forward to upcoming Bride art posts! I'm working on one myself, and I'm sure I'll be inspired by what you have to share.

Also, thanks Wicked Halo for sharing those links!

Pierre Fournier said...

Halo: Overlap is inevitable. You’ve got some I posted in the past, and I’ll be posting some you’ve got up on your blog. It’s all good: You can never get too much of The Bride!

Pop-Monkey: My pleasure. You’ve got some outstanding art there on your blog.

Belle Dee: Can’t wait to see your version of The Bride. I hope you’ll let me post it here!

beastiestylez said...

great artwork... i painted draculanja, frankensteinora and nosferatulla on snowboards last year =)
sweet greetz from germany