December 27, 2010

The Art of the Bride : Mike Bell

New Jersey’s Mike Bell offers up an outlandish pop surrealist rendition, The Birth of the Bride. In another piece, The Bride is at once tough and sophisticated, wearing Old School tats, sipping a cocktail.

Bell’s lowbrow art celebrates monsters, pinup queens, robots and Jersey shore memorabilia, with the Karloffian Monster and Lanchester Bride as favorite subjects.

Check out his website and you’ll see Frankie decked out in fez and monocle, leopard-print smoking jackets, channeling Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash, or clinking martinis with his inamorata.

You’ll also see Lugosi’s Dracula flicking a Zippo with continental flair, and other indelible pop culture icons, from Marilyn Monroe to Astro Boy, decorating skateboards and matchbooks.

We'll revisit Mike Bell's universe in the near future, 'cause it's loaded with Frankenstein goodness.

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Emmy said...

This is another awesome artist! I went to his website and just loved the art! Every time I visit your blog, I want to check out all these old horror films again! Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm; its contagious ^_^