December 7, 2010

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Est’d 1818, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies of East London, purveyors of essential, quality goods for Monsters of every kind, offers Brains Jam, Children’s Ears, Pickled Eyeballs and other Human Preserves, as well as Tinned Fear and Canned Unease. This is where our favorite Monster shops for the ever-indispensable Neck-Bolt Tighteners, very reasonably priced at four pounds.

The shop, truth be told, is a front for The Ministry of Stories, a center where kids aged 8 to 18 get one-on-one tuition with professional writers. Organized by We Made This, it’s an offshoot of Dave Egger’s 826 Literacy Project.

Follow the links and read about a truly remarkable project.


Sourkraut said...

I adore this! I read about the project a while back but haven't been following the blog. So thrilled that they came up with something this clever.

Mr. Cavin said...

Tinned ear would be funnier.

Coop said...

New Frankenstein Monster cards in over at Come check 'em out folks.