February 22, 2011

The Art of Frankenstein : Byron Winton

Then the camera moved in on Sid… He was extremely tall, pale, and cadaverous. With his drooping eye and malevolent expression, he had to be the creepiest-looking young man on the face of the earth. He looked like Frankenstein's monster. My daughter was living with Frankenstein's monster.
— Deborah Spungen, And I Don’t Want To Live This Life (1983)

Sid and Nancy as Monster and Bride, doomed couples both, mashed in monochrome by Pittsburgh-based artist Byron Winton.

Zooming-in reveals how perfectly Winton blends the likenesses while suggesting deep sadness and, perhaps, inevitable tragedy. The piece, called Vicious and Abnormal, is available as a print.

Byron Winton’s website and gallery, and deviantArt page.


Suzanne said...

one of the MOST amazing prints i EVER laid eyes on!

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