April 11, 2011

Frankenstein Lives Again!

Artist Tony Masero puts us face to fearsome face with The Monster on the cover of this 1977 British paperback edition of Frankenstein Lives Again, the first title in Don Glut’s celebrated series of Frankenstein pulp adventures.

Launched in the early Seventies, running through eleven books, Glut’s Frankenstein saga was published clear round the world. Now, the legendary series is being reprinted with new covers by Mark Maddox through Pulp 2.0 Press and the kick off title is available as an inexpensive e-book download.

Later this week, I’ll be posting a new and exclusive interview with Don Glut in which he discusses his career as a writer and how the Frankenstein series came about. And Mr. Glut even has a surprise in store for Frankensteinia readers. Stand by!

Frankenstein Lives Again, ebook download.

Pulp 2.0 Press website.

Don Gluts website.

Artist Tony Maseros website.


John Cox said...

How the heck have I NEVER heard of these??? Looks like I've got something new to search for. Love this cover. Thanks.

Dr Blood said...

A very Boris Karloff cover though, isn't it?

Pierre Fournier said...

Oh yes, Boris as The Monster is often used to illustrate Frankenstein novels, and several of Glut's book, in versions published all over the world, sport Boris' distinctive profile (or full face, as the case may be).

wich2 said...

Don's good monsterpeople!

Cunningham said...

Pierre -

I look forward to the interview with Don. He said he had a great time discussing everything.

John Cox -

We will be releasing all of the books in the NEW ADV. OF FRANKENSTEIN series in Kindle, Epub and print formats. The digital version of FRANKENSTEIN LIVES AGAIN! is only 99¢ and available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The print versions will feature bonus extras you won't get in the digital versions.

If you go to our website you can see the new cover for FLA! and the upcoming TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN by Mark Maddox.

Bill Cunningham
Pulp 2.0 Press

Martin Powell said...

I've been looking forward to reading Don Glut's legendary Frankenstein series ever since I first heard about them, when I was a teenager. This is like a dream come true.

Bravo, Pulp 2.0!


Anonymous said...

A very interesting image. "Frankenmummy" comes to mind.

Singlem said...

And why not a Boris Karloff cover? He was the greatest Franky monster ever. Cushing was the best Baron. Imagine if those two great actors had starred in the same movie together, playing their respective parts!