May 10, 2011

Going to Louisville

Scream Queen Evelyn Ankers and Lon Chaney, Jr. in Monster gear pose to promote The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), one of several films the duo co-starred in, albeit reluctantly, in the Forties. Ms Ankers, it is said, was never fond of Chaney’s roughhouse manners and practical jokes. Ghost also featured Bela Lugosi as Ygor, the Monster’s Keeper, who gets to donate his brains to his jigsaw friend.

I’d like to think that Frankie is pointing to Louisville, Kentucky, where I’m off to this week to attend Wonderfest and the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards presentations on May 14. I’ll be picking up my Best Blog Rondo in person! I’m looking forward, excitedly, to meeting and partying with some of the bloggers, artists, writers, film historians and fellow fans I’ve met through Frankensteinia.

While I’m away, I’ll be re-running three of my favorite posts from last year. Yours to discover or enjoy anew.

See you next week.


wich2 said...

Godspeed, Pierre - wish I could be there!

(Let me know if you're ever in NYC.)


Caftan Woman said...

Have a safe and happy trip. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...


Daniele said...

I saw the "Palketto Stage's" show and it was good, i liked very much the actor who impersonated the creature.
I liked the animations in the background too, i think it was a good show at all.