June 15, 2011

The Covers of Frankenstein : Hebdo September 1935

The Bride in proud profile on the cover of the Belgian Hebdo (“Weekly”) for Friday the 13th (!) of September, 1935. The orange and black duotone gives The Bride a plausible skin tone, lipstick and a nasty red scar.

The Bride was previously featured on the cover of Universal Weekly in March of ’35 (see here), but that was a studio publication meant exclusively for exhibitors. This wonderful find, courtesy of artist, collector and classic horror film expert George Chastain, appears to be the first mass-market magazine cover for Frankenstein’s Fiancée.

The long-running Hebdo featured movie news and reviews, entertainment, fashion and sports information, radio listings, as well as short stories and Otto Soglow’s Little King comic strip. This issue, running some 80 pages, carried a spread on Greta Garbo, photos of Clark Gable, Joan Crawford and opera star Grace Moore, a Science against Crime feature, an ad for Charlie Chan in Paris and short reviews of then current films Chu Chin Chow and Murder on a Honeymoon.

Here, the release of La Fiancée de Frankenstein is singled out as the week’s main event, with no corresponding feature inside. All the info is right there on the cover: A Universal film with Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester, playing at La Scala in Brussels. This electrifying image of a beautiful, swan-necked Bride, the world’s most unusual movie star, must have jumped off the newsstands. No extra ballyhoo was needed.

I previously posted a vintage newspaper ad for La fiancée at La Scala here.

With many thanks to George Chastain who wanted to share this rare, unique cover with Frankensteinia readers.

La fiancée de Frankenstein
The Covers of Frankenstein: Universal Weekly, March 1935
Friend? La fiancée de Frankenstein poster.

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