July 23, 2011

Fantasia Fest Premiere: Monster Brawl

In an abandoned and cursed cemetery, eight legendary monsters go skull to skull in the squared circle. Who will be left standing as the most powerful monster of all time?

Here’s a trailer, narrated by a gravel-gargling Lance Henricksen, for Monster Brawl, the Canadian-made horror-comedy that gets its world premiere today, July 23, at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

That’s New Brunswick-born Robert Maillet as “Frankenstein”. A WWF star turned actor, he was the giant Uber Immortal in 300 (2006) and Dredger, the juggernaut who smashes Robert Downey around in Sherlock Holmes (2009). As our favorite monster, he’ll be using his special Monster Chokehold and Ogre Rampage moves against the brain-eating Zombie Man. It’s a rastling match where one combatant will go from Undead to just plain Dead.

The Official Website for Monster Brawl is well done, with lots of info and a nice photo gallery. Early Concept Art shows The Monster in classic flattop and bolts mode.

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Mr Black said...

That looks really bad in a very fun and entertaining way. I might have to see that despite my good taste and better judgement.Beer in large amounts should help.