August 24, 2011

James Whale's Frankenstein Turns 80

He’s just resting, waiting for a new life to come!

On this very day, August 24, in 1931, Frankenstein began shooting. Eighty years on, its influence is still operating and its central character, The Monster, is an icon of the twentieth century.

Among other things, in the months to come, right up to December, we’ll be celebrating James Whale’s Frankenstein here on Frankensteinia, the blog it inspired. Speaking of which, we’re celebrating our own little anniversary, as this blog turned four years old on the weekend. It’s been a good year for Frankensteinia, with the wonderful Rondo Award and a still growing readership, which are two things that thoroughly amaze me.

In the weeks to come, as posting promises to increase dramatically, I’ll be making some minor changes to the blog design and corrections or additions to the menu bars. I’ll be making the film label list correctly alphabetical and I’ll rebuild the Mary Shelley/Frankenstein resources list that has somehow disappeared.

With August rapidly fading, Halloween is suddenly in sight and I’m already planning a series of daily posts all through October. I also have some surprises coming up, stuff that will blow your neck bolts right off. Proper announcements coming soon!


Emmy said...

Ooh! This is really exciting! :D And I have to say, I LOVE what you're doing with this blog! I've always been interested in the classic horror films, but you've really increased my passion for Frankenstein! :)

wich2 said...

Dear Pierre-

Salut to Uni's venerable film, and to your esteemed blog!

Best always,

Caftan Woman said...

Happy anniversary.

I don't want to rush the year, but "come on October!".

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary to my favourite film.

"IT'S ALIVE!!!" Now, and forever..


Mr. Cavin said...

Happy birthday, Frankensteinia! Four awesome years! Thank you so much, Pierre. I don't know what I did right to deserve this.

Scared said...

Happy b-day, Frankenstein and Frankensteinia! Someone should reanimate a cake.

rhonda 1410 said...

Hi Pierre,

Happy Anniversary ... !

I love "Frankensteinia". It has become part of my life !

Best wishes,
Rhonda from Germany

PS :
The immortal "Monster" is alive !