October 1, 2011

Counting Down to Halloween

Temps dipped way down last night, right on cue. Then the wind picked up, caught in a window with an eerie ghost moan and I thought, yeah, that makes it official: Autumn is here, and Halloween season is underway.

This is a time for cultivating goosebumps and embracing fears. Time to shake our skeletons loose and send them out to dance in the moonlight. This is when we stand up to Death itself, shining a flashlight under our chins and scaring it right back.

I like to think it’s Halloween everyday on Frankensteinia but, still, things get busier and the posting cranks up here in October. And once again, I am participating in the big Countdown to Halloween event organized by — and with congratulations to — John Rozum, Jon K. and Shawn Robare. Thanks, guys!

Click the Countdown badge on the menu and you’ll be taken to a jaw-dropping list of blogs, well over 200!, gone trick or treatin’ and celebrating Halloween all month long. Go look, you’ll have a blast. And check back here now and then. Boris and I are cooking up some scares for you all.

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surly hack said...

I don't think I've ever see this famous still in what I assume is its original sepia tones. Absolutely gorgeous!