October 31, 2011


Carved pumpkins staring out living room windows at makeshift graveyards planted with cardboard tombstones. Stuffed scarecrows lounging on the doorstep and a plastic skeleton, wrapped in cotton cobwebs, swinging from a tree. Ghosts ring your doorbell and spare you for a piece of candy. It’s Halloween, and it’s a fine time for launching a new blog, especially a skeery one!

With the appropriate help of the venerable Edward van Sloan, who famously introduced James Whale’s Frankenstein eighty years ago, allow me to introduce FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER, the new companion blog to Frankensteinia!

FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER is a tumblelog of Frankenstein images, Frankenstein links and Frankenstein news, for Frankenstein fans.

You might well ask why a new Frankenstein blog, and what for? Simply said, I like Frankensteinia as it is. I want Frankensteinia to be informative, sometimes scholarly — yet unpretentious and, I hope, mostly entertaining. Still, I have tons of material on hand, more than I can handle. There are new Frankenstein books and comics, plays and films, toys and games coming out every week, an endless supply of material that I hardly ever get around to. I’ve considered posting here every day, filling the gaps between detailed posts with images and news, but I feel that would change the focus and my self-imposed mandate on Frankensteinia. A new, complementary but separate blog is the answer.

FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER will serve as a repository, a gallery, a museum perhaps, of Frankenstein-related images. FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER will feature links to new Frankenstein events as they happen. FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER will showcase more artists and illustrators than I have ever had room for on Frankensteinia.

You can reach FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER through the badge on the menu at right, or you might want to bookmark it for direct access. Should you make FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER your first stop, I’ll be sure to post a heads-up there whenever a new post is up here on Frankensteinia.

Frankensteinia will essentially remain the same. It works, I’m happy with it and proud of its success. Now’s the time to expand on the concept, and that’s what FRANKENSTEIN FOREVER is meant for.



Mr. Cavin said...

Excellent! Happy Halloween, Pierre. And now I don't have to worry about sending you too much extra crazy Frankenstein crap!

Kweeny Todd said...

Awesome post! Happy Halloween!

Mike D. said...

This opening scene here is what the PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ segment was based on

Emmy said...

Your dedication to all things Frankenstein is wonderous to behold! I'm subscribing to the new blog as well!

FaB said...

Hello, i find this: