January 16, 2012

The Frankenstein Clock

Released in November 1931, James Whale’s Frankenstein stepped across America and the world through the Holidays and into the New Year.

The Frankenstein Lobby Clock was a do-it-yourself promotional gag proposed by Universal’s publicity department. Exhibitors were told to paint a clock on a standup display, replace the twelve numbers with the twelve letters of "Frankenstein", add The Monster’s silhouetted head and fill in the number of days until the playdate. Copy should read, your choice, “Now is the time to think about Frankenstein coming here…” or “The Hour of Doom Approaches!

We’ll look at more Frankenstein ballyhoo in days and weeks to come as we continue to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Frankenstein.

With thanks to John McElwee for this image. John runs the ever-fabulous Greenbriar Picture Shows movie blog.

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Christopher said...

LOL...its always Frankentime!