February 15, 2012

For Your Consideration

Nominations for the Tenth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards have been announced and I am thrilled and honored to have picked up two noms this year. The Rondos celebrate “the best in monster research, creativity and film preservation”.

Frankensteinia is up for Best Blog again, our fifth consecutive nomination. We won last year and I don’t know what the odds are of repeating, but I’d like to think 2011 was our best year yet.

I’m also up for a Rondo in the Best Article category for my piece celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Frankenstein, published in Monsterpalooza #1. It’s called Dare You See It? and it tracks how the film and its Monster percolated into the public consciousness through newspaper coverage and early ballyhoo. I’m delighted with this nomination as I’ve written and published a lot through the years, but this was my first magazine article in English. You can order Monsterpalooza direct from the publisher.

Congratulations and best of luck to all the nominees!

The Rondo Awards.

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Wich2 said...

What can I say?

Ala Meryl Streep, the repeated nominations and awards are fairly earned!