March 6, 2012

The Covers of Frankenstein : The Believer 2012 Film Issue

On the cover of the current, March-April issue of The Believer, artist Charles Burns likens movies to campfire tales, with Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster as the scare story being told.

In an extraordinary case of collaboration, Burns has illustrated every cover — 88 and counting — for The Believer, published by McSweeney’s. The artist’s love of classic monsters is evident is all his work, including his covers for the magazine’s annual Film Issue. Last year, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula appeared and the 2010 issue featured the dead martian from Hammer Films’ Five Million Years to Earth.

I blogged previously about Charles Burns. Click here to see his fabulous Frankenstein/Dracula group portrait and numerous links to his work.

The Believer magazine's 2012 Film Issue with excerpts from the featured articles.

The Believer 2012 Film issue order page.

With thanks to Kevin L. Ferguson.

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