April 17, 2012

Frankenstein en français

Playwright Nick Dear’s adaptation of Frankenstein, made into the hit play of 2011 by director Danny Boyle for Britain’s National Theater, is being adapted to French for the Québécois theater.

Translated by Maryse Warda, Frankenstein is to be mounted for the 2013 season in two of Québec’s most prestigious theatres. It will premiere at Québec City’s Théâtre du Trident on January 15, 2013, and later move to Montréal’s Théâtre Denise-Pelletier. As with the original British version, it is planned for the two lead actors to play both parts, appearing as Victor Frankenstein or The Creature on alternate evenings.

Bringing Dear’s Frankenstein to the French stage is a project nurtured by director Jean Leclerc. As an actor, Leclerc enjoyed an international career, with several American television credits. One of his most prominent roles stateside came in 1978 following Frank Langella and Raul Julia as Broadway’s Dracula, in a famous production designed by Edward Gorey.

The pre-production poster seen here was photographed by Hélène Bouffard and Stéphane Bourgeois for Dièse Design. 


wich2 said...

Well, Victor tells us that he is a Swiss, after all!

paulbordeleau said...

On va y aller. Ici à Québec aussi en janvier.
Hâte de comparer avec la version Londonienne.
Les deux acteurs, Benedict Cumberbatch et Jonny Lee Miller ont gagné l'Olivier justement.