June 12, 2012

Death Interrupted

This is not a Frankenstein book but, hey, zombies are family. At their most basic expression, The Monster and the zombie share provenance as revenants and symbols of death defiled, cursed with life.

From the heady golden age of horror comics, these collected tales celebrate zombies — old school, please — the kind yanked from graveyards to serve their masters, or reanimated for their own purpose, some literally willing themselves back to life to exact vengeance for the treasonous wrongs that did them in. Witness the book’s cover, a lover’s clinch, passion mightier than death, with the decayed Romeo coming apart in the reluctant Juliette’s hands.  

Featuring a Who’s Who collection of artists and writers, Zombies is edited and designed by comics archeologist Craig Yoe — author of Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein — in collaboration with Steve Banes of the superlative The Horrors of It All blog, dementedly and delightfully devoted to classic horror comics. Zombies is out now!

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