September 13, 2012

The Art of Frankenstein : Brian Ewing

A literal icon, this aureoled Bride evokes the stylized painted images of historical religious culture. The stunning poster was created by New York-based artist Brian Ewing. The artist first visited with Frankenstein and Bride back in 1997 for Electric Frankenstein.

Best known for his band posters — this one for Swans —  Ewing’s work now spills into all aspects of packaging and merchandising, and fine arts. Check out Ewing’s terrific portfolio and a fascinating tutorial revealing the artist’s meticulous methods.

Brian Ewing’s website.


Anonymous said...

A cool rendition but the outline of where the top of her skull would be is too high (it is too far up above her hairline) and it is also shaped wrong on either side.

This concept has been done before, but is still an interesting interpretation.

Gill MAUR said...

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