October 10, 2012


We’re barely 10 days into the Countdown/Book Month Halloween event and I’m already running behind. Got lots of Frankenstein books on hand to share with you, not to mention that four more new books have arrived in the last few days! We’ll be well past Halloween before I can catch up with everything!

Case in point, I’ve just heard about Frankenstein Galvanized from David Saunderson, majordomo of the superlative Spooky Isles blog. The book, edited by Claire Bazin and just now published by Red Rattle Books under the direction of Howard Jackson, features the original 1818 text of Frankenstein — the 1831 revision is considered the “definitive” version — augmented with new essays on Mary Shelley, Gothic literature and the novel’s characters and themes.

I hope to get my hands on this one soon, and I’ll report back when I do. For now, I refer you to David Saunderson’s coverage. And while you’re visiting the Spooky Isles, you’ll want to get lost in the archives there, which include a number of Frankenstein-related posts.

So many books, so little time!

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