February 19, 2013

The Frankenstein Theory

Frankenstein titles are proliferating. Among the completed titles are I, Frankenstein, now being adapted for 3-D release, as well as Frankenstein’s Army and Army of Frankensteins, two different films. The first is Richard Raaphorst’s much anticipated WWII horror that has Dr. Frankenstein churning out super-soldier monsters for the Nazi cause. The latter entry is a time travel tale with a host of parallel universe Frankenstein Monsters, and one Abraham Lincoln.   

The Frankenstein Theory deals with a scientific expedition traveling to the edge of the Arctic Circle to investigate the intriguing premise that Mary Shelley’s famous fiction was actually inspired by the true facts of “a horrific experiment gone awry”. 

The film is of the “found footage” genre, the trailer is familiarly replete with actors’ asides to the camera, greenish night vision scenes and sudden shocks followed by a fumbled camera. The Monster of the tale, however, is clearly depicted on the poster.

The Frankenstein Theory’s page on iTune Trailers

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Luis said...

Though I love Frankenstein and was thrilled there's a new movie with the creature my hopes were dashed when I saw that it was in the "found footage" sub-genre which has really overstayed its welcome as far as I'm concerned. The trailer really doesn't entice me to see the film since it seems to be endless scenes of shaky camera POVs and actors talking nonsense into the camera. The premise is a good one (though it has been done before) but the execution is lame.