April 5, 2013

The Art of Frankenstein : William Stout

Monsters changed my life” says artist William Stout. 

As a young boy, he loved dinosaurs and monster movies and, with the generous encouragement of a schoolteacher, he practiced and perfected his love of drawing. By the early Seventies, he was assisting Russ Manning on the Tarzan newspaper strip and collaborating with Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder on Little Annie Fanny for Playboy. Over time, he would contribute startling designs for such films as Conan, The Mist and Pan's Labyrinth.

Today, Bill Stout is a giant among fantasy artists, and his exacting dinosaur illustrations have earned him recognition as an expert in the field of paleontology. 

The fabulous pen and ink Frankenstein here — click the image to see it bigger — is Stout’s heartfelt homage to Jack Davis’ and his famous "Six-Foot Frankenstein" illustration.

Check out William Stout’s website, but be warned… You WILL be blown away.


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fright filmgeek said...

Love your Blog. Great job. There is so much here about Frankenstein, it must have taken a lot of research to find so much information. Thanks for sharing the great art work.