May 2, 2013

Mary Shelley, by Fernando Vicente

A Mary Shelley in caricature, with movie monster flattop, neck bolts and Bride hairstreaks. Shelley’s sad-eyed likeness comes from Richard Rothwell’s painting of 1840.

Spanish artist Fernando Vicente is perhaps best known for his harrowing Vanitas series of portraits superimposing anatomical detail onto glamorous models, the women quite literally exposing their inner selves. Another series of images combines portraits and mechanical drawings, substituting gears and machinery for body parts. Any of the flayed images and the mechanical reconfiguration could serve as Frankenstein illustrations.

The Mary Shelley portrait is just one of many remarkable caricatures by Vicente. Follow the links to see more of the artist’s amazing work.

Fernando Vicente’s website, and a blog, featuring an immense selection of caricatures.

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Craig said...

That Shelley protrait is just charming - I bet the lady appreciates it.

-Craig W.