June 16, 2013

The Art of Frankenstein : Rich Kelly

The most original, the most imaginative movie posters created today aren’t displayed on theater fronts. The best work, by far, is found in the limited edition art prints for films, contemporary or classics, such as those offered by Mondo of Austin, Texas. Case in point, this Son of Frankenstein poster by Rich Kelly.

The Karloff Monster, roped to its slab, is lifted to the laboratory by Lugosi’s Ygor. Baron Wolf von Frankenstein is seen reading by the light of a vast fireplace while Inspector Krogh explores the recesses of the Frankenstein premises. The title logo evokes the modern gothic letters carved over the door to the Frankenstein mansion.

The poster was offered in three versions, the variants using different colors and glow in the dark inks. One version added a menacing Monster’s silhouette hovering over Lionel Atwill’s Krogh. The set, as with most of the Mondo poster offerings, sold out within minutes of being offered.

Rich Kelly’s work is, in a word, spectacular. The Son of Frankenstein posters are shown in closeup details here. Kelly’s art appears in the gallery on his website and on his Tumblr.

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wich2 said...

Beautiful - and totally '39!