October 17, 2013

Frankenstein Hits the Jackpot

Here’s a Halloween-appropriate video combining classic monsters, pop culture and, well, slot machines!

The Monster Jackpot machines rolled out to casinos in the spring of 2012. No idea if they are still operating, but anyone who ever played one of these was treated to a surreal gaming experience featuring “Your Favorite Universal Monsters in One Exciting Slot Game!”. Present are “Frankenstein” and a sashaying Bride, Dracula and Mummy, Wolf Man, a cackling Invisible Man and the Creech from the Black Lagoon. The object of the game is to capture monsters and move up the castle wall, all the way to the big payoff.

Images include videoclips and movie posters from the classics, animated vampire bats, lightning strikes, sizzling labs and peasants wielding torches. The soundtrack features lines from the films, shrieks and Swan Lake from the original Dracula score.

Silly fun.

WMS Gaming’s Monster Jackpot page.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Fudge! I would have loved to have played this!!! I would even love it in my house!