October 4, 2013

The Country Bride of Frankenstein

Here’s a perfect Countdown to Halloween musical interlude!

Edna’s Kin, as the name reveals, is a family band. Warren Koontz and sons Daniel and Andrew play roots music — old time, bluegrass, blues and traditional Irish. The Kin, based in Sag Harbor, has enjoyed YouTube success with their folksy version of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man drawing over 90,000 views. Here’s their followup, an original composition called She’s Got Pulchritude, staged as a heartfelt homage to our favorite Bride.

As video director, fiddler Andrew Koontz studied the classic film and pulled together a fun little package featuring castle wall backgrounds, a mad lab, a Karloff cameo and a neat performance by New York actress Megan Larsen who hisses on cue, in requisite black and white.

Kick back and enjoy The Country Bride of Frankenstein!

Edna’s Kin Facebook page.
Band profile on the Sag Harbor Express site.

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