November 30, 2013

More Casa degli orrori Posters

Following up on our previous post about credit mixups on an Italian House of Dracula (1945) poster, looking up alternate posters for the film reveals a pattern of slapdash art and random credits. Here, Carradine’s face is a competent likeness by artist Cesselon, but his costume is barely sketched out in hurried, bold strokes, and that Wolf Man is a mess. Martha O’Driscoll appears in monochrome, and there’s a rough castle wall and window. Note the credits: Chaney, Carradine, Atwill, O’Driscoll… and Frankenstein, the name-checked Monster probably a better box-office draw than actor Glenn Strange.

Another poster, vertical insert style, artist unknown, features a purely generic fanged vampire and a terrified blonde against a seaside fortress/castle. O’Driscoll’s name is misspelled and the film’s title is now Dracula nella casa degli orrori — Dracula in the House of Horrors.

The rough art and haphazard credits across this series of posters suggests precipitous deadlines and what was most likely a very low budget promotional campaign.  

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