March 31, 2014

The Monster from Hell Ressurected

Consistently excellent, Rue Morgue magazine casts a wide net, exploring horror in culture, cutting across all forms of entertainment and perfectly comfortable with everything from classic to contemporary and cutting edge. The current issue, No. 142 for March 2014, has a 40th anniversary cover feature on Hammer’s FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL. The article is enhanced with remembrances by Shane Briant, Madeline Smith and David Prowse, the film’s young Dr. Helder, “Angel”, and the title’s hulking Monster. Hammer expert Denis Meikle provides historical perspective and a critical appreciation.

FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL was one of the last pictures from Hammer, it was the last of their Frankenstein series and the last film for director Terence Fisher who is remembered here, as well as actor Peter Cushing who draws tons of love from all concerned. Briant says, “Peter was the ultimate, consummate professional”. Madeleine Smith calls the film “A funereal poem. A glorious little coda at the end”. A sidebar covers the Blu-Ray release of FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN.

The issue also features an article on Victorian-era horror 3-D cards, and a 20th anniversary celebration of Mike Mignola’s fabulous Hellboy, complete with an interview and Mignola’s own picks for his five favorite Hellboy stories.

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