May 14, 2014

Rondo Awards XII Announced

The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards for 2014 have been announced. I am grateful to our Frankensteinia friends and supporters for earning us an Honorable Mention in the Blog category. The Best Blog Rondo this year goes to the unique and handsome Vincent Price Journal, in which editor Peter Fuller shares and annotates Price’s European travel journal as a young man of 17.

A few other commendations of direct interest to us: An Honorable Mention in the Best Classic DVD/Blu-Ray Collection goes to HAMMER HORROR, which includes FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN, and Richard Raaphorst’s FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY is a Runner-Up in the Best Independent Film category. Honorable Mentions in the Best Article category go to Greg Mank’s 70th Anniversary article on FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN for Monsters from the Vault #32, and Doc Gangrene’s piece on Jack Pierce’s makeup for the 1931 FRANKENSTEIN, published in Scary Monsters #85.

Inductees in the Monster Kid Hall of Fame include the estimable Gregory William Mank, expert on classic horror and essential chronicler of Frankenstein films, and The Don Post Studio, creators of seminal Frankenstein rubber masks. Also honored were two men who left us this year, contributors to the fabled Castle of Frankenstein magazine: Editor Bhob Stewart and artist Larry Ivie. 

We send special congratulations to longtime Frankensteinia friends Mark Redfield, a Best Multi-Media/Podcast Rondo Award winner for the Poe Forevermore Radio Theater, and Ted Newsom, who scored a Best Article Honorable Mention for his piece on Peter Cushing, His Last Bow, published in Famous Monsters #268.

The full list of winners appears on the Rondo website. The Awards will be handed out on May 31 at the Wonderfest Convention in Louisville.

As ever and always, a million thanks go to indefatigable organizer David Colton, without whom there simply wouldn’t be any Rondo Awards!

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