June 23, 2014

Fearless Frankenstein

Korkum yok!... I Have No Fear!

Thus reads the title of the cover story for the Turkish magazine, 46. The subject is rock/pop musician and composer, and film/TV actor Özkan Uğur, posing in an elaborate classic Frankenstein Monster makeup.

There’s a bit of a Glenn Strange vibe to Uğur’s Monster, don’t you think?

Instantly recognizable, truly iconic, the image speaks to the classic movie Frankenstein Monster’s universality. 


Rick said...

Sorta Strange-ish, yes. But it really looks more to me like Herman Munster on a bad day.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Definitely Glenn Strange-ish, which has its own appeal.

I tried to unite the two when I made a Frankenstein head last year.


Alex said...

Great makeup. Has this artist done any Frankenstein-related projects or was going with this look just a random decision?

David said...

Looks more like Herman Munster to me :)

Chris said...

I see more of a Lugosi