August 21, 2014

Frankenstein, MD Goes Online

A new multiplatform webseries very loosely inspired by Frankenstein launched this week with three episodes that get us nicely up to speed.

Produced by Pemberley Digital, the series repurposes Mary Shelley’s characters to serve pedagogic purposes. Here, in a modern setting, young Victoria Frankenstein (Anna Lore) is a science student with an assistant named Iggie (Steve Zaragoza). The initial episodes deal with electrophysiology, blood substitutes and anesthetics.

It’s all very straightforward and neatly done with interesting information served up with light humor by a good cast. Target audience is Young Adults.

New episodes — roughly six minutes apiece — will appear weekly through PBS Digital Studio and the show will also maintain a presence on multiple social media sites.

Frankenstein, MD on YouTube/PBS Digital Studio 
Frankenstein, MD page at Pemberley Digital.


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