July 27, 2015

Sherlock/Frankenstein Crowdsourced

Long time coming, Gautier Cazenave’s ambitious SHERLOCK HOLMES VS FRANKENSTEIN film has taken a big step forward after a very successful Indiegogo crowdsourcing operation. In June, the project scored an auspicious 117% of its initial 20,000 Euro goal, making an extended funding campaign possible. The new target is 40,000 Euros by August 31.

SHERLOCK HOLMES VS FRANKENSTEIN is a classic, old school gothic thriller. The Indiegogo site has a test teaser trailer, info on locations and props, and introductions to cast members, led by Shane Briant, reprising his role as Simon Helder, last seen assisting Peter Cushing In Hammer’s FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FORM HELL (1974). The Monster will be played by seven foot three actor John Lebar, recently the super-sized Ghost Engineer in Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS (2012).

Indiegogo page.
Project Blog.


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Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd mention: I was at the FSU Film School's screening of student thesis films today, and it included a short called "Frankenstein's Light." It's very well done, and I don't know if it's yet available for viewing on the school's website (I have no connection with FSU or its film school).