September 21, 2015

Frankenstein Marionette

Towering 22 inches tall from its big black stomper boots to the top of its flat head, here’s a Frankenstein Monster with strings attached.

This unique creation from Czech Marionettes is entirely hand-made from sculpt to paint to sewn outfit and carefully assembled into a fully functional, high-quality string puppet. The high price — $590USD — reflects the superior craftsmanship of this piece.

Click through to the site for more pics of the Frankenstein marionette, a fascinating history of Czech puppets and tons of beautiful work including a dragon, winged skeletons and a Nosferatu puppet.

With thanks to Jeffrey Eernisse


Wendy said...

This is so cool! Yet also verrry creepy!

Patty Benedict said...

cool! I created a Frankenstein Monster getting a tattoo in a haunted dollhouse miniature.You should check it out, I had so much fun sculpting it! Have a fun day!
Pat Benedict

Cinema Slime said...

Very neat! I've never seen anything like it before.