December 18, 2016

Frankie's Holiday

The Monster is a reliable TV pitchman, a Halloween favorite, here making a rare Christmastime appearance. Beautifully done, genuinely touching, this one just might be an instant classic.

Frankie’s Holiday was created by TBWA for Apple, with a judiciously cast Brad Garrett — all of 6’8” and deep-voiced — as The Monster. Garrett is perhaps best remembered for his supporting role in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

The Christmas electrodes are a nice touch.

Happy Holidays!


wich2 said...

I really is a Valentine -er - CHRISTMAS CARD to Mother Mary's Monster.


egorschamber said...

Very touching. I hope its simple message will go some way toward melting some of the monstrously cold, cold hearts in our culture these days.

Brad Garrett also does a dead-on impression of HERMAN MUNSTER, and I hope he'll be first choice if anybody ever attempts to breathe life into that long-dead franchise again.

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