September 19, 2007

Dr. Frankenstein : Joseph Cotten

"Orson Welles lists Citizen Kane as his best film, Alfred Hitchcock opts for Shadow of a Doubt and Sir Carol Reed chose The Third Man - and I'm in all of them.”
— Joseph Cotten.

As time went on, there weren’t as many choice roles available to the veteran actor. Being a little less particular about the parts he played allowed him to keep working regularly.

In La Figlia di Frankenstein (Frankenstein’s Daughter), released in English as Lady Frankenstein, Joseph Cotten contributed a measure of class, marginal marquee value, and roughly 30 minutes of screen time.

Early on, Cotten, as Baron Frankenstein, is crunched by his goofy-looking, bubble-domed Monster. His daughter steps up and continues his experiments, doffing her clothes along the way. This was to be expected as the role was played by cult-movie bombshell Rosalba Neri (billed in the US as “Sarah Bay”).

Besides Neri, always eminently watchable, and a palpable Hammer Films influence, this one's for unrepentant B-Movie enthusiasts and 70’s Eurosleaze connoiseurs only.

The film is Public Domain and googling will turn up several free download sites. I recommend Video with Bibi’s Lady Frankenstein page.


rob! said...

ive always loved Cotten ever since i saw him in Kane. he's always good in whatever movie he was in, even if the movie wasnt too good.

Bibi said...

Thank you for the link. That was very kind of you. :)

Pierre said...

So nice to see you, Bibi. I’ve been a fan of your Bibi's Box blog forever, and visiting your Videos With Bibi blog is like going to a favorite neighborhood movie house where they always have great movies playing.

Everyone should check out The Song At Midnight, a chinese version of the Phantom of the Opera. It's terrific. Thank you for that and all the others, Bibi.

ARBOGAST said...

Rosalba Neri is a force of nature in FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER... you don't see too many movie heroines so connected to their sexuality. Of course, she pays for it... but I'd wager she'd think it was all worth it.

I've also linked Bibi's site to my own.