September 20, 2007

The Skull of Frankenstein

He didn’t go easy.

He was beaten and burned, drugged and drowned. He was blown up, buried alive, shot, stoned, flash frozen, crushed under collapsing castles and blasted by lightning. He was dunked in quicksand, swept away by a dynamited dam, and dropped from heights into boiling sulfur.

There is no record of the ultimate catastrophe that claimed this apocalyptic, artificial life, but, well, it looks like they finally got him. Here, on display, is the unmistakable skull of Frankenstein’s Monster, with its deformed bone forehead and the clamped-on, rusty iron brainpan lid.

This superb piece is the creation of American sculptor Thomas Scott Kuebler. You can examine the Frankenstein skull from all its eerie angles here. Kuebler has also made companion pieces for Quasimodo and Nosferatu, but the skull collection is a very small part of his work. The full-figure Monster at left is but a glimpse of his unique talent.
T.S.Kuebler’s intricate, life-size and life-like mixed media sculptures depict mad scientists, witches, vampires, sideshow freaks, and all sorts of extraordinary beings brought to three-dimensional life.

Prepare to be astonished. T.S.Kuebler’s site features jaw-dropping galleries of his creations. 

It doesn’t get better than this.

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