October 4, 2007

"Love letters to our darker angels"

Growing up, did you love monsters? Did you read monster mags and monster comics? Build monster kits, collect monster gum cards? Did you swear by Boris and Bela, Lon, Vincent, Peter and Chris? Bava and Fulci and Romero? Did you love Halloween, plastic fangs, fake blood, rubber masks? Did you think vampires, werewolves, aliens, robots and, of course, the Frankenstein Monster, were just the coolest?

That makes you a Monster Kid.

Richard Harland Smith, a staff writer for Video Watchdog, is also a contributor to TCM’s Movie Morlocks Blog. He has written a piece that reflects on a Monster Kid’s life, his own, which all Monster Kids will recognize as theirs. It is an ode to Monster Kids that goes straight to the heart, and manages to do it without an ounce of schmaltz, which is no mean feat. It’s just plain, good writing. Damn good.

Read The MonsterKids are all right.

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